Eyemouth pupils on Earth’s Wild Ride

DINOSAURS being annihilated by comets, ice and water carving out our landscape and a vision of an eclipse from the moon were just a few of the vivid multidimensional topics covered by the presentation given to Eyemouth High School students last week.

Classes were shown into a large inflatable dome where Graham Perrin from Immersion Education led them on ‘Earth’s Wild Ride’.

This began by transporting them into the future where a lunar resident and his grandchild were watching an eclipse casting a shadow over the earth. They then travelled back in time to the ice ages and beyond. This magical journey was followed by an exploration of the solar system, its planets and the chances of life existing elsewhere in the universe.

Senior students watched a presentation about the brain and learning as part of their Biology courses. All these exciting adventures were made possible by Eyemouth High School Parent Council who have raised funds in order to provide the students with wider educational experiences. This was much appreciated by the students and was great fun too. Just how learning should be!