Eyemouth pupils full of Life for cancer fundraiser

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Last Wednesday the staff and pupils of Eyemouth High school participated in their own Race For Life and raised over £2,500 in the process.

And the 5k run wasn’t the only activity the school took part in for the fundraiser for Cancer Research.

The run came at the end of a Health & Wellbeing day to raise awareness of the four capacities of health and wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional and social.

Pupils participated in a variety of workshops in the morning which addressed different aspects of health and wellbeing.

Groups from within the community also came into the school to deliver workshops and the school would like to thank the local division of Cadets, volunteers from Eyemouth’s First responders, Border Sports and Leisure as well as Connect.

Sixth year pupil Hayley Robinson commented: “The morning sessions were fabulous because we got to learn about a variety of different aspects of health and wellbeing and had fun whilst doing so,”

As pupils and staff crossed the starting liine for their Race for Life, members of the Parent Council and Eyemouth Community Council managed checkpoints along the 5km route and the Parent Council kindly donated water bottles for after the race.

Police officers ensured that everyone was safe along the route and that traffic was made aware of the event taking place.

The atmosphere after everyone completed the 5km was palpable and there was clear sense of community and individual achievement and feeling of pride felt by both staff and pupils.

The whole event was funded by YouthChex and the school would like to thank them for their continued support of events with in the school.

“We could not have run this event if it wasn’t for the support of the staff of Eyemouth High school as well as the continued support of the Parent Council and the Town Council,” commented Laura Feeney.

“ Itreally did feel like the whole community came together to support this cause. I am so proud of everyone involved and am so pleased at the donation we will be making to Cancer Research UK,”

Eyemouth High School will be making an excellent total donation of £2508.35 to Cancer Research UK and would like to thank everyone who raised money and donated to this cause.

The top fundraiser in the school was Connor Hogg who raised £208.