Eyemouth port handled £3.1m of fish in 2012

Eyemouth fishmarket.
Eyemouth fishmarket.
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Just over £3 million worth of fish was landed at Eyemouth harbour in 2012, boats in the Eyemouth marine district - from Burnmouth to Grangemouth- landing £7 million.

Figures for the Eyemouth district also reveal 105 vessels landed 2147 tonnes of fish in the Eyemouth district, the majority of them being small boats under 10 metres.

Eyemouth Harbour Trust business manager Christine Bell said: “2012 saw a good prawn season but 2013 has been very poor so far although this is not isolated to east Berwickshire, this is a UK wide issue.

“Eyemouth Harbour Trust continue to ensure that excellent facilities are available in Eyemouth so that when the fishing grounds are rich, as they were in 2012, the port is capable of attracting a good number of vessels.

“Eyemouth Harbour Trust remains committed to supporting the fishing industry through good times and bad.”

The Scottish Sea Fisheries statistics for Eyemouth include all landings and vessels into ports between Grangemouth and Burnmouth, including St Abbs, Cove, Dunbar, North Berwick, Port Seton, Musselburgh, Newhaven, and Leith.

“Landings into Eyemouth seem to be just over 40% of the total for the district, as stats we receive from Marine Scotland for Eyemouth state £3.1 million value of landings in 2012 into Eyemouth creek,” added Christine.

Of the 105 vessels landing fish in the Eyemouth district only 15 are Eyemouth registered boats and the harbour had an additional 20-odd visiting vessels in the port during summer 2012, most of them coming from the north east of England.

Unusually, in 2012, Eyemouth also saw large visiting vessels from north east of Scotland as well.

Scottish Sea Fisheries statistics show that the country had the smallest recorded fishing fleet ever in 2012, (2046 vessels), and depressed prices meant that the value of fish landed by Scottish vessels decreased by nine per cent despite the quantity of fish landed increasing by two per cent.