Eyemouth one of top seaside towns for value

The Allan family enjoying an ice cream at Eyemouth.
The Allan family enjoying an ice cream at Eyemouth.

It’s official – if you want an affordable day out at the seaside, Eyemouth is the place to be, according to the Sun Online.

The Berwickshire fishing port was ranked the second most affordable beach in the UK to visit, beaten into second place by Portobello in Edinburgh.

The McGowan family at the beach in Eyemouth.

The McGowan family at the beach in Eyemouth.

As the south of the country basked in the sunshine last weekend, the Sun Online was prompted to do an in-depth investigation into a day out at the seaside.

The national newspaper’s beach survey looked at what we like to do at the seaside and how much it costs. It took into account parking, the price of a pint, the cost of fish and chips and, of course, ice cream, and it found that all four would cost you £12.80 in Eyemouth, compared to up to £21.90 for the same four items on England’s south coast.

Parking in Eyemouth is now free, a pint costs £3, fish and chips £6.50 and an ice cream £3.30.

Rachael Hamilton, MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire, said: “This reaffirms what we already know in the Borders – Borders beaches are some of the best for value and beauty.

“Borders beach towns have a real opportunity to capitalise on the surge of stay vacations in the UK – and where better to visit for a sunny day out than Eyemouth?”

Sun Online said: “A day beside the seaside is one of the best ways to enjoy the British summertime weather while it lasts. But even a free afternoon at the beach can end up costing a lot – with food, drink and parking all quickly adding up.

“For a cost-effective day out, Eyemouth beach on the Scottish coast was among the best around.

“Scotland reigned supreme at the top of the charts thanks to their free parking at two of their popular beaches in Portobello and Eyemouth.

“Looking at the UK’s most popular beaches, we totalled the average cost of parking, a pint of beer, a portion of fish and chips and a single-scoop ice cream to find out what it’s really costing the public.”