Eyemouth Museum has a weekend festival of fun

Eyemouth Museum's interactive fort display
Eyemouth Museum's interactive fort display

Eyemouth is putting the finishing touches to its festival weekend - May 16 and 17 - as part of the Scottish Festival of Museums.

The museum trust has joined forces with Friends of Eyemouth Fort to put together a programme events with something for everyone.

Saturday’s programme is based on the Border Reivers 16th century enactment group. From 11am-1pm and 2.45pm to the end of the day there will a general display of bookbinding, leather work, everyday costume, everyday household items, weaponry and cooking and kitchen.

At 1pm dinner will be served followed by pike, musket and sword demonstrations at 2pm. Inside the museum Lindsay and Jo will model upper class tudor wedding costumes from 11.15am-12 noon and 2.45pm-3.30pm.

Sunday is a community day 12pm –4pm with a moths and butterfly stall, puppet making by Dr and Mrs B Prator, paper mache model making from Ahlstrom , net making and tassle making by Whigmaleerie. All stalls have projects for folk to do and there will be things to do inside the museum on both days.

As part of the Friends of the Fort’s involvement with the primary school the children have made a wonderful tapestry which will be hung in the museum.