Eyemouth man among drink drivers caught

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FIVE Borders drivers, including one from Eyemouth, have been arrested and charged in the last fortnight with alleged drink-driving offences.

In the first incident on Friday, September 28 a 56 year old Earlston male was stopped in the town following a call from a member of the public. He was found to be over the legal alcohol limit.

In the second incident, a day later, a 20 year old Eyemouth male was found to be over the legal limit following a minor collision.

And on the same day a 56 year old male repeat offender from Newtown St Boswells was stopped and found to be over the legal limit. His car has now been seized under Vehicle Forfeiture Legislation.

On Monday, October 1, a 29 year old Galashiels woman was found to be over three times the legal limit in the town and was arrested. Her car was later seized.

And finally, on Tuesday, October 2, a 50 year old Jedburgh man was involved in a minor collision and found to be over three times the legal limit.

A police spokesperson said: “Most drivers in the Borders drive responsibly however there is still a minority who find it acceptable to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol. The safest option is to avoid driving altogether when you have consumed alcohol.

“Our officers will always stop vehicles whenever they suspect that something is not right with the driver and alcohol is always one of the first considerations for an officer when stopping a vehicle.

“We also receive calls from the public alerting us to possible drink drivers and this can be done anonymously.

“Drinking and driving can result in losing your licence which will impact employment and family life and there is also the increased risk of being involved in a serious collision.”