Eyemouth lifeboats investigate flare at sea

Eyemouth lifeboat, RNLI
Eyemouth lifeboat, RNLI

Both Eyemouth inshore and all weather lifeboats were paged at 6.45pm on Wednesday October 14, after a sighting of a flare, one mile to the north of St Abbs, was reported to Aberdeen Coastguard.

Both lifeboats launched minutes after the initial request and arrived on scene at 7pm starting a thorough search of the immediate area, firing illuminating flares to assist with the search.

Eyemouth Coastguard teams also searched St Abbs harbour and Petticowick for any signs of a missing vessel or person.

With nothing found by either lifeboats, or the Coastguards, Aberdeen Coastguard were content that the initial call had been a false alarm with good intent and stood all units down around 8pm.

The Eyemouth lifeboats then returned to station, refueled and were made ready for service again.