Eyemouth High School pupils enjoy Fort challenge

Eyemouth high students survey Fort
Eyemouth high students survey Fort

Twelve S1 pupils from Eyemouth High had the honour of working with Ellie Graham and Tom Dawson from the Scottish Coastal Heritage At Risk Program in surveying the Eyemouth Fort recently.

They were surveying the land examining the profile of the land to understand how the land has changed over time.

The pupils had the opportunity to explore what the Rough Wooing Fort would have looked like hundreds of years ago through an X-box game where they went through the Fort and met people who would have lived during the time of the Fort being built.

The experience will soon be available at Eyemouth Museum for members of the public to enjoy.

The students also were able to compare and contrast the measurements that they took with measurements from a spy map from the time/

Sophie MacDonald, one of the chosen pupils learned a lot about the Fort through the surveying challenge. “The Fort was very impressive and I was impressed with the architecture from the time,” she said.

“We learned about the defences in front of the killing fields and I thought these were very impressive as they would have been the first defence for the fort.”

“I didn’t even know there was a Fort in Eyemouth before this opportunity. I thought it was cool to learn about the history of Eyemouth,” commented Annie MacLean after her trip.