Eyemouth Fort needs a few more ‘friends’

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Eyemouth Fort is slowly giving up its forgotten history, revealing its importance in 16th century Britain, and there is still more work to do.

For a short period in Scotland’s history Eyemouth Fort was a vital stronghold and a group of local people have been working with a team from St. Andrews University to find out more about the old fort and raise its profile.

A talk given in Eyemouth by the St Andrews experts earlier this year was attended by 130 people. Now the Friends of Eyemouth Fort are looking for more members to join them and ensure the project continues.

“It is fantastic and there is nothing else like it in the Borders,” said Fiona Glover from the ‘Friends’.

Membership of Friends of Eyemouth Fort is £10, and includes invitations to talks in the museum about the fort, invites to visits from the St Andrews project team and free entry to the Eyemouth Fort virtual reality room at Eyemouth Museum.

The virtual reality room is complete and once open visitors will experience ‘walking around the Fort’, its buildings, food, ammunition and living quarters.

To become a ‘Friend’ contact Margaret Paterson (01890 254827) or Fiona Glover, (01890 751108) before May 31.