Eyemouth floods ‘regrettable’ says Council

Church Street, Eyemouth
Church Street, Eyemouth

Scottish Borders Council and Scottish Water are working together to combat recurring flooding in the Church Street and Albert Road area of Eyemouth.

The latest problems occurred during a spell of heavy rain on Friday, July 17

An SBC spokesperson said: “Church Street and Albert Road were affected by flooding and sewage affected Victoria Road due to issues with the capacity of the sewer system. The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and SBC’s Neighbourhood Services teams responded to try and alleviate these flooding issues.

“Scottish Water is working with support from the cvouncil to try and address this situation.

“In the past few weeks Scottish Water has reviewed the capacity of the sewer system, fitted loggers into manholes to determine water height, and has undertaken CCTV surveys of the sewer system in the town.

“This information will feed into a process for formulating a preferred option for tackling flooding issues in Church Street and Albert Road.

“A decision regarding this is expected by the end of August.

“The council has previously visited residents and offered assistance with flood gates and sandbags and have placed pedestrian barriers with road closed signs to prevent vehicular access to the Church Street at times of flooding.”

They continued: “It is deeply regrettable that flooding has once again occurred in this area of Eyemouth, and the council, along with Scottish Water, will ensure that the information that has recently been obtained on the town’s drainage system can be used to help find a solution to the problem as soon as possible.”