Eyemouth Family History Centre can take you back

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EYEMOUTH has become the place to go for people investigating their family histories.

The town’s Museum Trust, with financial help from the East Berwickshire U3A group, has set up a research facility aimed at helping people trace their ancestors.

This move means that people will no longer have to travel to Hawick, Galashiels or Edinburgh to access records.

The Family History Centre contains various types of records, including census details of births marriages and deaths from the nineteenth century, as well as copies of memorial inscriptions from Berwickshire graveyards.

It also offers computer access to newspaper archives, old maps and ships’ crew lists from a port awash with history that still has a functioning harbour today.

One of the most interesting ways the centre maps the flux of the population is through ‘mortcloths’.

These heavy sheets, laid over coffins as they were carried to church, were often rented from the local parish. The records of the rent are a great resource for social historians.

One of the centre’s first acts is to promote a project aiming to identify all the old wynds and vennels of the town, which will illustrate how the layout of the town was affected by its citizens over time.