Eyemouth dog walkers warned

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Eyemouth Primary School is having a problem with people using the play area/field at the rear of the school for dog walking during school time.

Last week while the children were on the field for a gym lesson two small dogs, in full view of their owner, ran (off the lead) traight towards the children’s gym equipment which had been set out for a lesson. The dogs proceeded to cock their legs and urinate on the gym equipment and on children’s sweatshirts sitting on the grass at the side .

Teachers have also reported finding dog faeces on the play area and some children have fallen in it in their uniform.

Headteacher Mrs Easton is asking local dog owners to keep away from the primary school end of the field area when the school is in session and to keep their dogs on a lead when there are children on the fields playing or having a lesson.

Community wardens and the local police are aware of the situation and will deal robustly with anyone not in proper control of their animal or not clearing up their mess.