Eyemouth darts star releases calendar for men with a six-pack (in the fridge)

Gary Anderson's 'Foul Fashion' Calender
Gary Anderson's 'Foul Fashion' Calender

THE world’s fourth best darts player Gary Anderson has teamed up with his sponsor to release an official calendar for men with only have a six-pack in the fridge.

To mark the start of the World Championships in London’s Alexandra Palace, Eyemouth’s Gary Anderson and his sponsor Foul Fashion have teamed up to make a calendar for the ‘real man’.

Foul Fashion, the company who produce ‘horrendous and shocking shirts’, started their sponsorship of Anderson in October and darts fans can now see him play in a myriad of unique, horrible shirts.

The 12 shots include Gary in a mixture of poses and shirts, such as being fed pork scratchings by a busty beauty, sexy elves sitting on his knee at Christmas and a group of stunners draping themselves over him on New Years Eve.

The shirt got its debut at the Grand Slam in Wolverhampton, causing a huge stir, and he will be wearing them again each time he plays at the World Championships.

Gary said: “I don’t care too much what people say or think but despite all the stick I’ve had it has been surprising just how popular the shirts are.

“I’m not one for grabbing attention. I like to be a bit stealth-like in my approach but all the hoo-hah around the shirt has given me a boost.

“In a funny way it might just get me back on track after a poor year.

“That injection of confidence could be bad news for my rivals.”

Foul Fashion co-founder Ali Smeaton said: “The calendar came to light after the constant promotion of the same old calendars, and we wanted to prove that not all of them have to star Adonis style sportsmen and celebrities.

“Gary was brilliant during the calendar shoot, even coming up with some of the shot concept himself!”