Eyemouth app brings town’s history to life

Eyemouth museum app
Eyemouth museum app

A collaboration between Eyemouth Museum and St Andrews University has resulted in an ‘Eyemouth: Museum Without Walls’ App being launched for smart phones and tablets.

A spokesperson for Eyemouth Museum said: “Thanks to St Andrews University’s IT department and our local knowledge, we have been able to produce an exciting new app to bring Eyemouth’s history to life for today’s visitor.”

Twenty historic sites are highlighted with information on each, with photos. They are GPS enabled which means you will be given clear directions on how to find the various sites from your current location. Also included is an historic timeline from 1174 to 1997 with 33 separate entries. We are delighted to have this opportunity to bring Eyemouth’s past to life for visitors and locals alike”.

The app can be found in the App Store.