Eyemouth and Dunbar lifeboats called to the rescue

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The Eyemouth lifeboat was launched just before 8.30pm last Wednesday after a 33-foot yacht reported that it had engine failure and required a tow.

The lifeboat headed to the initial position given by the skipper of the yacht, some seven miles to the east of Eyemouth. However, the yacht was actually located 30 minutes later, just over a mile north of Berwick.

A tow was quickly passed over and the yacht, with three people on board, was then towed to the safety of Berwick harbour.

Meanwhile Dunbar’s inshore lifeboat was called to the aid of a diver who injured himself clambering over rocks to get to the sea on Saturday. The 47-year-old Edinburgh man fell and injured his right leg leaving him unable to move.

Helmsman Stuart Pirrie said: “The diver was pretty sore when we got to him. We examined him before strapping him onto a stretcher and took him back to the harbour. He was in some pain and shaken up a bit.”

The man was taken to hospital but his injuries were not serious.