Eyecatching soaps are an eggcellent idea

This weekend millions of chocolate eggs will be handed over as gifts but keen to put a different and less edible slant on the popular tradition, Coldstream cosmetic company mESMeRICK have come up with their own soap eggs for Easter.

The eggs, which have been on sale at mESMeRICK’s shop at the Crafthouse Gallery since the week leading up to Mother’s Day, contain various natural elements such as coconut oil and jojoba oil and honey which are all good for the skin.

Euan McIver and Rick Mondeau, the pair behind mESmeRICK described the soaps as “just a bit of fun” but they said that customers had taken a keen interest in what was in them and seemed to like the idea of being able to give a present that wouldn’t be wolfed down in matter of minutes.

“We’ve sold quite a few in the past few weeks and what’s so good about the eggs is that they have a marble effect when you wash with them- you get all the different colours running through your hands,” Euan explained.

“Judging by the response we’ve had to the store since we opened here earlier this year people do seem to be thinking a bit more about what they’re using on their skin and what is actually in the soap they use.

“Running the business with Rick has been an education for me too. While he’s a professional in cosmetics I knew little about it. One of the best things I’ve discovered is that goats milk is very good for getting stage makeup off!”

At the moment the multi-coloured soap eggs make an eyecatching sight in the Craft Shop Gallery window but with Easter over for another year in just a matter of days, Euan and Rick are already looking ahead to all events in the 2013 calendar.

“We’ve produced a shaving soap for men so we were thinking of coming up with some sort of gift set for Father’s Day,” Rick commented.

“We’re starting to make a few different products with men in mind as they are still quite neglected when it comes to things like this.

“We’re also hoping to make some soaps in the Coldstream Civic Week colours. We’ve managed to find out one so far and we’re working on discovering what the other one is!

“This year is a particularly big one with it being Flodden 500 and we’d like to mark it somehow.”

To find out more about mESMeRICK and the homemade products they sell visit www.mesmerick.com.