Exonerating the residents of Leet Street

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SIR, - I read with interest the monthly report of the recent Coldstream Community Council meeting in last week’s paper.

With great concern I read in the paragraph regarding the SBC wardens that there was a report of a ‘drinking den’ in Leet Street. My first thought was that I had been rumbled at last; my second that there appeared to be a real threat to the value of my property and those of my neighbours.

So I investigated.

I am happy to report that the reported problem related to the area under and around the LEET BRIDGE - presumably the green area where I am pleased to see that our excellent local authority has provided an improved picnic area – and that there had been reports indicating under-age illegal drinking in that area.

For the peace of mind of myself and my excellent, and largely sober, neighbours and friends I should be glad if you were to publish this letter exonerating Leet Street and its residents.


Leet Street ,