Exhibition sums up four year Flodden 1513 project

Alistair Bowden, the the Flodden 1513 Project co-ordinator
Alistair Bowden, the the Flodden 1513 Project co-ordinator

A tartan, a play, a poem, a rock concert, a flower festival, school lessons, field trips, and archaeology finds all have one thing in common – the Battle of Flodden.

They were all part of the £1.3m Flodden 1513 project run to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the battle, near Coldstream, by telling its story and leaving a lasting legacy for communities in north Northumberland and the Borders.

Now, as the four-year project draws to a close, an exhibition will bring together what has been achieved during that time and will also highlight future opportunities to get involved.

The exhibition will be held at Berwick Museum and Art Gallery from this Saturday until August 29, and at Coldstream Museum from September 9 to October 31. Alistair Bowden, the project’s co-ordinator, said: “This marks the culmination of four years of a hugely successful project which has promoted both passion and community involvement.

“It will show the enthusiasm that people have shown to be part of a major milestone.

“The exhibition shows the success of local community volunteers, who have learnt new skills, gained new interests and discovered more about Flodden.

“More than 10,000 schoolchildren have been given practical insight into history, archeology, archives and the story of Flodden itself.”

A key element in this exhibition is charting the range of connected topics, and Alistair added: “We have found some answers and created even more questions.

“We are confident that people will enjoy the exhibition, and we hope that people will be inspired to continue to discover more about the story of the Battle of Flodden and its aftermath.”

“Through this project, I have been astounded about how much Flodden means to people both sides of the border, and the emotion that comes with it.”

A big part of the project was the setting up of the UK’s first cross-border eco-museum linking the sites throughout the UK which played a part in the story, before and after the battle.