Environmental charity

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Permaculture Scotland, an enviroment charity with a thirty year history in Scotland, brings its annual meeting to Coldstream at the beginning of June.

Over 100 participants are expected at the event being held in Coldstream Community Centre from June 3-6, which features workshops which are free to residents of the TD12 postcode area.

Coldstream based Permaculture chairman Graham Bell said: “I am delighted that this year our annual meeting is coming to my home town of Coldstream.

“Every year we try to visit a different part of Scotland, and this year the committee decided to favour the Borders with their membership meeting because of the beautiful surroundings, the range of facilities within easy reach, and the number of environmental projects to visit.

“As part of an international network with over two million participants we are proud to share the good work our members do.

“Our remit is to develop education for all ages around how to design and manage human habitations in the most sustainable way possible whilst also favouring wildlife, reducing work and eliminating pollution.

“Practitioners learn to work with nature rather than against it creating healthy food, low energy housing and an awareness for how we can all tread lightly on the planet and leave it at least as productive and attractive as we found it.”