Red diesel to be used for road gritting

A RELAXATION of the rules on the use of red diesel to allow farmers to help grit and clear snow from public roads makes complete sense, according to the NFU.

HM Revenue and Customs has recognised the vital role that farmers play across the country during the winter weather and confirmed that red diesel can be used temporarily in tractors on public roads to help provide access to schools, hospitals, remote dwellings or local communities cut off by ice and snow

NFU regulatory affairs adviser Ben Ellis said: “The recognition of the vital work that farmers undertake for local communities in cold weather is a positive step. We are pleased that HMRC have taken a sensible approach on this matter - some areas are already receiving the first snowfall this winter while other areas are preparing for what looks to be a cold few weeks ahead.

“We are currently awaiting the results of an HMRC consultation on a permanent relaxation on the rules for gritting, which the NFU is strongly in favour of.”