New facility at Dunbar remains on schedule

Artist's impression of the new facility at Viridor.
Artist's impression of the new facility at Viridor.

A significant milestone has been reached in the construction of the new waste incinerator near Dunbar, with the heart of the energy-generating technology now complete.

The key parts of the process for Viridor’s energy recovery facility (ERF) at Oxwellmains, which will produce enough energy to continuously power 39,000 homes, include the completion of the turbine which will generate electricity and the moving grate which will drive the waste.

Electrical installation work is also underway across the site and the erection of the contoured structural steel frame is at a well advanced stage.

Construction of the £177m facility got under way in 2014 and more than 350 professional, skilled and new entrant roles are currently at work constructing the facility. The facility is due to be finished by the end of the year.

The project will deliver 300,000 tonnes per annum and the ERF will divert post-recycling ‘residual’ waste from landfill and contribute to Scottish energy security.

Once operational, the facility will generate 30MW of base-load renewable energy direct to the grid – the equivalent of 39 wind turbines.

Viridor has also started recruitment of the site’s operational staff. The site will also support 55 full-time jobs once complete, with the estimated boost to the county economy £10 million each year.

Scott Reynolds, project manager, said: “Workers on site continue to make strong progress and we remain on track to deliver the completed facility in December 2017.

“This is a strategically important facility and once complete will mark a significant step forward towards realising Scotland’s circular economy ambitions. We have actively supported the local community and are working hard to ensure members of the local community are aware of the types of opportunities arising as a result of the ERF through events like local job fairs.”