Market prices


AT their weekly Primestock Sale held at Wooler last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 900 hoggs and 326 ewes.

Hogg numbers tight but all classes dearer on the week, selling vendors delighted with returns

Leading prices per head:- Tex.x:- £79 Holy Island, £76.50 Kettleburn, £75.50 Elwick and Holy Island, £75 Lickar Moor and Henlaw, £74.50 West Longridge, £74 Shotton, Lickar Moor and Linhope Farming (Roddam)(2). Suff.x:- £77 Lickar Moor, £76.50 Newstead, £76 South Lyham, £74 Brockley Hall and Newstead, £73.50 Brandon. Bel.x:- £74, £73.50, £73 (2) Ladykirk. Mule:- £72 Ladykirk. Ven:- £69 South Lyham. E.C:- £69, £68.50 Henlaw. Hamp:- £68 Kettleburn.

Leading prices per kilo:- Bel.x:- £185p Ladykirk. Tex.x:- 183.8p Cockhall, 176.3p Elwick, 175.6p Hillcrest Livestock, 175p West Longridge, 174.4p Todrig, 173.8p The Hagg, 173.2p Goswick, 172.5p Elwick and Hillcrest Livestock, 171.4p Biddlestone Home Farm, 170.5p Henlaw. Suff.x:- 174.3p Cockhall, 170.7p Biddlestone Home Farm. Chev:- 173.1p Biddlestone Home Farm.

Slight increase in numbers, with more flesh on show.

Leading prices:- Suff.x:- £95, £94, £93, £90 Wandon, £90 Holy Island, £86 Holy Island (M Patterson), £80 West Longridge and Kettleburn. Tex:- £87 South Lyham, £81 Milfield Demesne, £80 Holy Island, £76.50 The Hagg. HB:- £87 Wandon. BFL:- £83 Alwinton. GF:- £60 Holy Island and Greenhead, Reston, £59 Wandon, £57 Springhill (Seahouses), £55 Kettleburn. BF:- £50 Roddam (D Donovan). Chv:- £49 Milfield Demesne.

Rams:- Tex:- £104, £78 Burradon Mains. BFL:- £100 Roddam (D Donovan).


AT St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 106 clean cattle, 75 OTM cattle, 2,880 old season lambs and 988 ewes.

Bullocks (41) averaged 215.5p per kg and sold to 238p (+0.4p on week), heifers (63) averaged 217.6p per kg and sold to 240p (-1.7p on week), two young bulls averaged 187p per kg and sold to 189p (n/c on week) and 75 beef type OTM cattle averaged 144.3p per kg and sold to 195p (-1.9p on the week).

The 2,880 old season lambs averaged 162.2p per kg and sold to £87 (n/c on week), 38-42kg averaged 167.5p, heavy ewes averaged £62.51 selling to £107, light ewes averaged £40.87 selling to £57 and rams to £99.

Principal prices per kg: Saughland 2.40, 2.36 M/s J Penny and Sons, 2.35 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd; Upper Hundalee 2.40 Charles Wilson Ltd; Bee Edge 2.39 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.38, 2.35 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd, 2.34 (3) M/s J Penny and Sons (2) and Robert Wilson Butcher; Mosstower 2.38 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Inland Pastures 2.37 M/s Moor; Humebyres 2.36 (2) M/s J Penny and Sons; South Falaknowe 2.36 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Upper Nisbet 2.34 M/s J Penny and Sons.

Principal Prices per head: Shidlaw £1694, £1611.60, £1460.60; Milkieston £1455.30; Bee Edge £1428, £1426.

Cows per head: Kersknowe £1352, £1322.05; Corsbie £1295; South Falaknowe £1270.50; Humebyres £1266.30; Inland Pastures £1216.80, £1122.55; Yew Tree Lane £1159.10, £1105.05; Mailingsland £1131; Huntington £1089.15; Haughhead £1086.30.

Cows per kg: Mailingsland 1.95; Kersknowe 1.93, 1.69; Humebyres 1.89; Newstead 1.87; Haughhead 1.85; Muircleugh 1.83, 1.65 (2); Rumbleton 1.79;

Corsbie 1.75, 1.65; Yew Tree Lane 1.73; Inland Pastures 1.69, 1.67; South Falaknowe 1.65.

Bulls: Skelfhill £1515.80 (1.43); Commonside £1410.85 (1.39); Haughhead £1378.25 (1.85); Tushielaw £1192 (1.49).

Principal prices, hoggs per head: Tex.x;- £87 Bow, £85.50 Crookston, Suff.x;- £87 Burnhouse Mains, £83, £81 Cortleferry, Bel;- £85 Crookston, £82 Hartside and Crookston, BFL;- £78.50 Hartside, GF;- £75 Hartside, £71.50 Cortleferry, £70.50 Drinkstone, Chev;- £75 Gospelhall, £72.50 Haltree, Zwa;- £72, £71, £70 Hoscote Est., Char;- £70, £68.50 Hollybush, BF;- £69.50, £69 Hartside, MB;- £69 Craiglea.

Principal prices, hoggs per kg: Bel;- 200 Hartside, 198.6 Mid Harrietsfield, Tex.x;- 196.3 West Moneylaws, 196.2 East Middle, MB;- 181.6 Craiglea,

Suff.x;- 179.7 Whitchesters, 172.1 Tagmaster, Lleyn;- 179.2 Over Whitlaw, Chev;- 179, 177.1 The Shaws, BF;- 160.9 Heriotmill.

Cast ewes: Suff;- £107, £87 Oxmuir, Tex;- £95 Upper Ashtrees, £89 Threepwood and Shoestanes, Suff.x;- £89 South Riccalton, £85 Hermiston and Headshaw.L,

HB;- £87 Bonjedward Mill and Smailholm Mains, Zwa;- £73 East Bridgelands, Chev;- £73 Drumreoch, £69 Headshaw.L, GF;- £69 Hollybush, £65 Mossilee and Craiglea, Lleyn;- £67 Meikle cleuch, BFL;- £65 Edston, CM;- £65 Rawburn, BF;- £57 Headshaw.L, £53 Toxside.

Rams: Suff;- £99, £97 Burnhouse Mains, Tex;- £97 Burnhouse Mains, £95 Ladylands, £93 Lower Ashtrees, BFL;- £97 Edston, Suff.x;- £93 Meikle cleugh.


THE Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 38 prime cattle, 10 young bulls, 29 over 30 month cattle, 7,401 prime hoggs and 5,897 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

Another good show of quality prime cattle on offer and once again trade did not disappoint, best quality bullocks regularly selling from 220p to 230p. Top price of the day was 231.5p, twice, for Limousin bullocks, firstly from J.C. and D. Nicholson and Son, The Gill, then again from A. and W.J. Taylor and Son, Dashwell Green, others sold to 230.5p and 229.5p shown by M. and G.A. Nicholson, The Lake. The heifer section sold to 219.5p for a Charolais shown by J. and N. Blaylock and Son, Hallburn.

All classes of cast cows saw a rise on the week with the sale being topped at 186.5p for a Galloway from J. Robertson and Son, Becks. Black and Whites sold to 167.5p shown by T. Armstrong and Sons, Sceughdyke.

Principal prices per kilo: Galloway 186.5p, 132.5p Becks. Black and White 167.5p, 146.5p Sceughdyke, 123.5p Low Moat. Limousin 159.5p Englishtown, 145.5p Tinnis Hall, 131.5p Becks, 127.5p Kimmeter Green. Angus 159.5p Sceughdyke, 133.5p Kimmeter Green, 115.5p Fieldhead. Charolais 153.5p, 145.5p Yett Farm. British Blue 149.5p Englishtown. Simmental 129.5p Kimmeter Green.

The 1,787 lightweight hoggs sold to £80 for Beltex from Waterside, £79.80 High Greenhill; Texel £70 Watchill, £64.80 Stonehill; North Country Cheviot £64.80 Adderston Shiels, £54.80 Smiddyhill; Hill Cheviot £60.80 Kirkhouse, £59.80 Watchill; Rouge £58.80 Walton Woodhead; Blackface £55.80 Crookdake Hall, £52.80 Barlaes; Suffolk £54.80 Smiddyhill, £50 Cooilingel.

A larger show of 6,708 cast ewes and rams were forward to a packed ring of 16 buyers. Trade for heavy ewes was up another £2 on the week with hill ewes remaining similar.

Heavy ewes to £136.50 for Texels from Old Wall, £130.50 Severs, £122.50 Bensons Fell; Charollais £120.50 Muirback, £104.50 Draperstown, £98.50 Roadside; Beltex £108.50 Macherquhat, £88.50 Woodhead; Suffolk £92.50 Severs, £90.50 Roadside, £89.50 Screel and Draperstown; Cheviot Mule £87.50 The Croft, £62.50 Hassendeanburn, £60.50 Higher Grenofen; North Country Cheviot £86.50, £81.50 Ericstane, £76.50 Temon; Leicester £80.50 Terrona, £80 Kersknowe, £78.50 Kersknowe; Greyface £69.50 Manor Farm, £68.50 Awhirk, £67.50 Grainhead and Westmillriggs.

Light ewes to £57.50 for Blackfaces from The Steel Farm, £53.50 Westcott, £51.50 Edges Green.

Goats to £56.50 Roadside.


LAST week Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 42 prime cattle, 13 Cows, 139 breeding/store cattle and 879 prime lambs.

Cattle maintained the high recent prices with Aberdeen Angus steers selling to 400p per kilo ex Eastfield of Lempitlaw, Kelso, to Well Hung and Tender, Berwick. Angus heifers to 392p per kg from Howden Farm, Jedburgh; 390p per kilo New Houses Farm, Hallington; 387p per kg and £1,548 per head for Aberdeen Angus steers from Fenwick Steads, Belford. Continental x steers ex Goswick Farm, Berwick, sold to 362p per kg and £1,410 per head.

Cows were reaching the heights of 280p per kg from Blackcastle, Duns, and prices per head of £1,021 for Continental cows. Other prices were reaching 285p per kg from Deanfoot Farm, Hawick, 270p per kg from Newham Hall, Chathill.

A great week for breeding/store cattle, an average price of £1,050 for heifers from Blackhill Farm, Hexham, topping the table. Steers/heifers from Belford Mains, Belford, reaching £992. Heifers obtaining £869 per head from Chatton Park Farm, Wooler.

Prime lambs start to creep back after a dip in the market. Top prices were 355p per kg and £74.55 from Overton Bush, Jedburgh, and Bowerhouse, Lauder. Other prices to £72.45 from Tosson Glebe, Morpeth; Redpath, Duns and Threeburnford, Lauder. Romneys to £72.45 ex Humbleton, Wooler. Blackfaced and mules to £72.45 from Prendwick, Alnwick.