Market prices


AT their weekly Primestock Sale held at Wooler last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1,328 lambs and 326 ewes.

In conjunction with the weekly Primestock Sale the annual Christmas Show was held which was expertly judged by Mr A. Black, Dunbia, who awarded the Championship to Messrs A.H. Hunter and Sons, Juries House, Glanton, for a pen of Bel.x weighing 47kg and selling for £95.50p to the judge. Reserve Champions were from Roddam weighing 46kg and selling at £82 to Ben Gray. Many thanks to the kind sponsors of the event, Agri Lloyd.

All classes of lambs were treat with caution and buyers proved choosy, shapely fleshy types still in keen demand.

Leading prices per head:- Bel.x:- £95.50 Juries House, £82 Linhope Farming (Roddam), £78 Clarabad Mill, £74.50p Linhope Farming (Roddam), £70.50p Ladykirk. Suff.x:- £80 Ewart, £70 Lilburn Estates, Brandon and Mindrum Farming Co. Tex:- £76 Juries House, £75.50p (2) Black Heddon, £74 Mindrum Farming Co, £72.50p Linhope Farming (Roddam), £72 Black Heddon and Mindrum Farming Co, £70.50p (2) Linhope Farming (Roddam), £70 Ladykirk, Lilburn Estates, Shotton and Mindrum Farming Co. Char:- £70 Lorbottle. Chev:- £68 Humbleheugh. Ven:- £67 South Lyham. Mule:- £61 Lilburn Estates. BF:- £55.50p Alnham.

Leading prices per kilo:- Bel:- 203.2p Juries House, 178.3p Linhope Farming (Roddam), 174.4p Milfield Demesne, 172p Ladykirk, 169.3p Linhope Farming (Roddam), 169.2p Milfield Demesne, 166p Clarabad Mill. Tex:- 179.8p Black Heddon, 170p Linhope Farming (Roddam), 168p Lorbottle, 163.1p Yetlington Lane, 162.2p Inland Pasture, 161.5p Bewick Folly. Suff.x:- 154.9p Linhope Farming (Roddam), 153.9p Shawdon Woodhouse, 153.5p Craigshouse. Chev:- 155.5p Humbleheugh. C.M:- 154.4p Bewick Folly.

Ewes a larger show and dearer on the week.

Leading prices:- Tex.x:- £93 Greenlees, £90 Black Heddon, £87 Greenlees. Suff.x:- £84 Lickar Moor, £83 Greenlees and South Lyham, £80 Kettleburn. Chev:- £65 Lemmington Hill Head. Mule:- £64 Chesterhill, £63 South Lyham. Bf:- £58 Branton Eastside.


AT St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 114 clean cattle, 92 OTM cattle, 2,649 new season lambs and 915 ewes.

Bullocks (62) averaged 212.7p per kg and sold to 242p (+3.8p on week) while heifers (47) averaged 213.3p per kg and sold to 241p (+4.4p on week). Five young bulls averaged 211.1p per kg and sold to 234p (+4.4p on week) and 92 beef type OTM cattle averaged 127.4p per kg and sold to 211 (n/c on the week).

The 2,649 new season lambs averaged 158.2p per kg and sold to £96(225.7p) and 915 ewes sold to £111 and £114 for tups.

Principal prices per kg: Upper Nisbet 2.42 Malone of Edinburgh, 2.29 John Scott (Paisley); Bee Edge 2.41 WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.40, 2.31 M/s J Penny and Sons, 2.31 Robert Wilson Butcher; Mosstower 2.35 M/s Mason and Son, 2.33 M/s J Penny and Sons; Humbie Mill 2.34 (2) Malone of Edinburgh and G and A Archibald Ltd; Longnewton 2.32 M/s J Penny and Son; Gospel Hall 2.32 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Traprain 2.31 Charles Wilson Butchers; Upper Hundalee 2.30 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Woodhead. A 2.29 M/s Mason and Son

Principal prices per head: Houliston £1829.70; Mosstower £1515.75; Honeyburn £1485; Ford Westfield £1455.50; Dalkeith Home Farm £1418.55; Smeaton Shaw £1408.00.

Cows per head: Mosstower £1329.30; Dalkeith Home Farm £1325.40, £1298.60, £1211, £1168.65, £1128, 1080; Crammond £1156.25; Kittyfield £1155.15, £1092.75; Romavale £1139.85; Wester Middleton £1136.85; Howden. S £1123.40; Falahill £1108.25; Corsbie £1100.25; Honeyburn £1080.

Cows per kg: Mosstower 2.11; Crammond 1.85; Dalkeith Home Farm 1.73, 1.59, 1.51; Ellemford 1.67, 1.59; Corsbie 1.63; Falahill 1.55, 1.51; Kittyfield 1.53; Romavale 1.49; Newham Hall 1.49, 1.47; Wester Middleton 1.43(2).

Principal prices - Lambs per head: Tex.x;- £96 Crumhaughhill, £90 Oakwood, £88, £86.50, £85.50 Crumhaughhill, Suff.x;- £80 St Leonards, £78, £77.50 Huntington, Bel;- £74 Hartside, Suff;- £72 Northhouse, Char;- £69.50 Woodhouse, Chev;- £69 Gospelhall, Chev.x;- £69 Westwood, CM;- £66.50 Gospelhall, GF;- £66.50 Burncastle, BF;- £63.50 Hartside.

Principal prices - Lambs per kg: Tex.x;- 225.7 East Redfordgreen, 218.2 Crumhaughhill, 204.6 Oakwood, Bel;- 175 Tynehead, 172.4 Crailing Nook, Suff.x;- 171.3 Hermiston, Char;- 165.5 Woodhouse, Suff;- 162.8 Woodside, Chev;- 162.5 Shaws, 162.2 Headshaw. L, Chev.x;- 159.2 Middlesteads.

Cast ewes: Suff;- £111 Trows Cottage, Tex;- £100 The Lee, £83 Hamildean, Suff.x;- £95 St Leonards, £87 Wester Middleton, GF;- £86 Falside, HB;- £79 Bonjedward Mill, Chev;- £75 Gilston, CM;- £71 The Whitehouse, Swinside, Lleyn;- £67 Stagehall, BF;- £45 Horseupcleugh.

Rams: Tex;- £114 Rawburn, Chev;- £111 Stagehall, BFL;- £109 Burncastle, Ber;- £87 Harden Mains, Oxford;- £85 Stichill Eastfield, Lleyn;- £83 Harden Mains.


THE Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 61 prime cattle, six young bulls, 26 over 30 month cattle, 5,441 prime lambs and 6,815 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

A total of 21 cattle were on display at the Christmas Show and Sale of prime cattle, where the judge Mr John Little cast his eye over them and awarded the Championship to a Limousin heifer shown by Messrs R. Neill, Upper Tinwald, which later realised 280p (£1,708) and was purchased by the judge Mr John Little who purchased the beast on behalf of Lancaster Meat Co., Ltd. The reserve ticket was awarded to M. and G.A. Nicholson, The Lake, for a Limousin bullock selling at 250p (£1,750) to Mr M.G. Hall.

Also awarded was the cup for The Best British Beast which was given to a Galloway steer shown by A. Carruthers and Sons, Peela Hill, which went on to realise 225p (£1,350) purchased by W. Kirkup and Sons, Longtown.

Prize List: Champion – Messrs R. Neill, Upper Tinwald, 610kg 280p (£1,708) to J. Little. Reserve Champion – M. and G.A. Nicholson, The Lake, 700kg 250p (£1,750) to M. Hall. Limousin Bullock – 1st prize M. and G.A. Nicholson, The Lake, 700kg 250p (£1,750) to M. Hall, 2nd prize M. and G.A. Nicholson, The Lake, 620kg 232.5p (£1441) to M. Hall. Charolais Bullock – 1st prize J. and N. Blaylock and Son, Hallburn, 690kg 220.5p (£1,521) to M. Hall. Any other Continental Bullock – 1st prize W.H. and M. Sisson and Sons, Fenton, 690kg 229.5p (£1,583) to M. Hall, 2nd prize J. and N. Blaylock and Son, Hallburn, 530kg 244.5p (£1,295) Border Meats.

Any British breed Bullock/Heifer – 1st prize A. Carruthers and Sons, Peela Hill, 600kg 225p (£1,350) to W. Kirkup, 2nd prize W.G. and H.M. Kyle, Spoutbank, 540kg 213.5p (£1,152) to W. Kirkup. Limousin Heifer – 1st prize Messrs R. Neill, Upper Tinwald, 610kg 280p (£1,708) to J. Little, 2nd prize Messrs R. Neill, Upper Tinwald, 550kg 241.5p (£1,328) to J. Little. Charolais Heifer - 1st prize J. and N. Blaylock and Son, Hallburn, 585kg 219.5p (£1,284) to Highgate Turkeys, 2nd prize J. and N. Blaylock and Son, Hallburn, 560p 217.5p (£1,218) to Border Meats.

Principal prices per kilo: Bullocks - Limousin 250p, 232.5p The Lake, 227.5p, 220.5p Fenton Farm, 220.5p Sceughdyke, 217.5p, 206.5p Newby Farm, 203.5p Becton Hall, 200.5p Sandbed. British Blue 244.5p Hallburn, 231.5p Upper Tinwald, 229.5p Fenton Farm. Galloway 225p Peela Hill, 213.5p Spoutbank, 210.5p Streethead, 208.5p Spoutbank, 203.5p Barron House. Charolais 220.5p Hallburn, 208.5p Sceughdyke.

Still more young bulls required with all breeds selling well and the best quality dearer. Top price to 226.5p for a British Blue shown by J. and P. Routledge and Son, Netherton.

A smaller show of over 30 month cattle forward with good meat cows selling well. Top price of 208.5p for a Limousin shown by Messrs West, New Holme Farm.

The Annual Xmas Show and Sale saw an impressive 580 head forward in nine classes in pens of ten.

Judging was ably carried out by Mr Michael Lomax of Little Deepthwaite, who awarded the Championship to last years winners, Messrs Cavers, Sorbie, Langholm for a pen of ten Beltex scaling 44kilos and realising £140 (318p per kilo) to Bowood Lamb, Busby Stoop, York.

Other awards and prices: Texel lambs – 1st (and reserve) Crumhaugh Hill, £120 to J. Tucker, 2nd Tercrosset, £90 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb. Beltex lambs – 1st Sorbie, £140 to Bowood Lamb, 2nd Sorbie, £85 to Bowood Lamb. Continental lambs – 1st Cononbrae, £90 to Bowood Lamb, 2nd High Strenries, £89 to Bowood Lamb. Suffolk lambs – 1st Beeches, £87 to Bowood Lamb, 2nd Sceughdyke, £77 to M. Lomax. North of England Mules – 1st Nunscleugh, £70 to Dunbia, 2nd Crawsknowe, £65 to Dunbia. Scotch Mules – 1st Westloch, £69 to R.T. Booth, 2nd Kirkhouse, £65 to R. Staveley. North Country Cheviots – 1st Potholm, £60 to A. Dawson, 2nd The Gass, £57 to J. Tucker. South Country Cheviots – 1st Sorbie, £63 to A. Dawson, 2nd Sorbie, £65 to Dunbia. Blackface – 1st Boreland, £70 to Dunbia, 2nd Sorbie, £62 to M. Lomax.
Outwith the show, the 5,441 lambs saw trade for best type lambs and export lambs remain firm, but a larger increase in between 44 and 48 kilos are becoming out of spec and harder to cash. Also inclement weather conditions did not help with the realising of sheep true weight. Another large show of 6,815 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers with large good selling ewes dearer but plainer ewes still in large numbers if a touch sharper.


LAST week Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 114 prime cattle including 42 cows, 1,697 prime lambs and 94 store and breeding cattle.

Best quality heavy weight Charolais cross steers from Easington Grange, Belford, sold to 372p per kg and £1,759 per head. Continental heifers from Gala Farms, Hollybush, Galashiels, sold to 370p per kg.

Pure bred Limousin and Belgian Blue cows from Bowsden Moor, Berwick, sold to 335p per kg for ‘E’ grade 10 year olds. Young bulls from North Lyham, Alnwick, sold to 340p per kg and £1,416 per head.

Lamb trade has continued to bounce along at a very steady trade with the dearest lambs coming from Drummuir Estates, Keith, selling to 375p per kg. Lleyn cross lambs from Henlaw, Wooler, sold to 370p per kg. Export lambs sold to 360p per kg from Humbleton, Wooler, Howden Farm, Jedburgh, and Prendwick Farm, Alnwick.

Store cattle are particularly good to sell with 6/7 month old Simmental cross calves selling to 240p per kg.