Guided tours will unveil the secrets of the Lammermuirs

The Lammermuir Hills
The Lammermuir Hills

A new service offering guided walks in the Lammermuirs has been launched, promising to bring the best of this little-known range of hills to a wider public.

Lammermuir Tours is the idea of David Gray, of Haddington, who believes the vast rolling massif between the Scottish Borders and East Lothian is a hidden marvel with a remarkable natural and human story to tell.

“The Lammermuirs have an almost Highland ambience, offering a breathtaking sense of space and isolation, with their own unique character,” he said.

“Millennia of human occupation have shaped the landscape in subtle and fascinating ways, and the moorland plateaux, lochs and valleys are a haven for wildlife.”

David, who has been climbing hills and mountains for over 30 years on Scotland’s highest peaks, the French Pyrénées and Swiss Alps, says the Lammermuirs are underappreciated.

“It’s all about location because the hills nearer the Border towns and Edinburgh tend to grab all the limelight,” he said. “But that’s to the Lammermuirs’ advantage.

“Most days they’re so quiet you could be in the north of Scotland.”

Once the haunt of the Votadini tribe and more recently crossed by drove roads used for centuries to transport livestock and salted fish from the coast, the Lammermuirs are imprinted with a rich human history.

“You can still walk on those drove roads, and see the remains of prehistoric forts while appreciating today’s grouse moors, with their buzzards, game and mountain hares, against a spectacular backdrop over East Lothian and the Firth of Forth, and south across the Borders to the Cheviots,” said David.

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