Follow in the Footsteps of Flodden

Footsteps of Flodden
Footsteps of Flodden

Plans are now well afoot for a dramatised walk to commemorate the Battle of Flodden this Saturday, August 24.

The walk, spanning 13 miles, is being organised by the Cranshaws, Ellemford and Longformacus Community Council in collaboration with the dramatic talents of the Duns Players and the Eyemouth Theatre Group.

It will feature scenes documenting the experiences of a number of those involved in the battle including servants, soldiers and tenant farmers.

Those wanting to walk the full route should meet at Whiteadder Picnic Site at 9am ready to be bussed to Nunraw Abbey where the walk begins.

Alternatively you can meet at the picnic site between 1 and 2pm to take part in the shorter afternoon segment of the walk spanning five miles.