Dunbar wind turbine appeal fails

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A community wind turbine at Blackcastle Hill, Dunbar failed to win the support of a Scottish Government Reporter who turned down an appeal for it to be allowed to be erected.

East Lothian Council had previously refused to give planning consent for the single turbine and a temporary wind mast to be erected at Blackcastle Hill last year. The applicant, Iain Waugh, on behalf of Dunbar Community Energy Company, then appealed against the desicion but Reporter Donald Harris, rejected the appeal saying that its “impact would be serious”.

Mr Harris added: “The turbine would add substantially to the impact of the existing masts on the top of Blackcastle Hill, so resulting in a prominent and unsightly intrusion in the landscape when seen from the A1 and the intervening area on the north side of the hill. Views from Dunbar would also be affected.”

He acknowledged that the potentially significant community benefits counted in its favour and accepted that the local community was divided in its view of the proposal - there was both substantial support and substantial opposition. Those in favour of the turbine being erected highlighted the community benefits and environmental advantages; those against objected largely on landscape grounds.