Ayton houses are at constant risk of flooding

Sarah Purves' garden under floodwater is a fairly common sight.
Sarah Purves' garden under floodwater is a fairly common sight.

Homes in Ayton are under constant threat of flooding from nearby fields, and attempted solutions have so far have failed to stop the water.

Most at risk are Berwickshire Housing Association properties built around 14 years ago, four in particular being in the path of floodwater.

Sarah Purves has lived in one of the homes for around 10 years with her husband and three children.

“I think we have been flooded at least two or three times a year since moving in,” said Sarah.

“They say that they fixed it, but the fields flood as soon as the heavy rain comes. The four properties all get flooded, but that’s the first time it was coming in my door, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

“Also, what is it doing to the eco-houses? We can’t keep the house warm and probably need all-new insulation.

“We think the house has moved due to the sloping floor in the kitchen, gaps in the skirting boards and tiles popping off walls.

“We are a low-income family, and now it’s starting to cost us. We can’t afford what we would have to spend to insure the things for as it’s been flooded before.”

Berwickshire Housing Association chief executive Helen Forsyth said: “We have been working with the tenants at Ayton to mitigate the worst effects of the flooding and are doing everything in our power to address this.

“We would like to make it clear that if any tenant affected by this flooding would wish, we will arrange a move.

“We spent in the region of £80,000 a few years ago digging ditches and drains to prevent the run-off from farm land affecting the homes in Ayton, and initially it did help.

“Anyone who saw Countryfile this week will know this is a problem across the UK, and as a landlord, we cannot always solve these things alone.

“We have spent quite some time trying to support and help the tenants affected and will continue to do what we can. We recognise that it is a wretched position to be in.”