Ensure your votes count, residents told


Anyone who will be absent for the General Election on May 7 is being urged to make sure they apply for a postal or proxy vote in time to make sure their vote counts.

Postal votes will be distributed in two batches, the first of which will go out on Tuesday April 21.

The deadline for postal vote applications is 5pm on Tuesday April 21, with the last postal voting packs going out on Monday April 27.

Anyone unable to vote in person and who would like someone to vote on their behalf will have to make their application for a proxy vote by 5pm on Tuesday April 28.

Mark Dickson, Electoral Registration Officer for the Borders, said: “It is vital that people know the deadlines for making postal and proxy vote applications as these are set in law and we cannot, under any circumstances, deal with late applications.”

Forms for postal and proxy votes are available from the council website or the Electoral Registration Officer on 01835 825100.

The deadline for anyone not already registered to vote is Monday April 20. You can register if you are 18 or over or will be on or before the day of the election and if you are a British or Commonwealth citizen or an EU national.

The electoral registration system in the UK recently changed. The new system is Individual Electoral Registration, or IER, and most people who are currently registered to vote will have been registered automatically.

If you have not re-registered under IER and you were a postal or proxy voter before IER was introduced in September 2014 you will need to re-register to receive this again. You should have received a letter from the Electoral Registration Officer to make you aware of this.

Individual electors can register to vote by completing online registration at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote or by contacting the Electoral Registration Officer. More information and advice can also be obtained from the Electoral Registration Officer by emailing ero@scotborders.gov.uk or calling 01835 825100.