Emily’s journey

Baby Emily Cressey in hospital in the Borders.
Baby Emily Cressey in hospital in the Borders.
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Claire Cressey started the Facebook page Emily’s Journey to help tell the story of her miracle baby, and help other mothers of premature

babies. Below are extracts from Claire’s online diary.

May 27

Wonderful news, Emily managed all her night feeds from bottle. She’s working so hard to get rid of that feeding tube and come home to us, also seems she’s edging her way towards four-hourly feeds. She is amazing.

I’m thinking that all of us premie parents should put a booklet together, the ‘Real parents’ guide to having a premie baby’ . That’s what Emily’s Journey has been for me: hearing the truth from people who have been there and done that.

Sometimes all I’ve needed is a bit of reassurance and it’s given me the strength to carry on when I think I’m about to fall at the next upcoming hurdle. It’s so easy to move on and forget those first few months but as our journey moves forward another begins with frightened parents not knowing what to do or where to turn I hate the thought of that and just want to throw my arms around every new parent in the miracle baby club.

May 29

Happy 13-week birthday Emily! We spent a wonderful day with Emily today, lots of birthday cuddles and kisses.

She is now 5lb 7oz, on 80ml demand feeds and fixed oxygen. She is due her second jabs this afternoon, an eye test on Monday and hearing test at any point as well.

So there is lots going on at the moment, getting ready for her home-coming soon.

Emily really is a great baby, she feeds wonderfully, doesn’t fuss over anything and is making fantastic progress - most of which is down to the fabulous staff at both hospitals she has stayed in.

Hopefully Emily has enjoyed all her birthday treats and being fussed over.

June 1

Emily had a bit of a blip after having her jabs. Nurses struggled to stabilise her body temperature, and she needed her oxygen upping. She also struggled with her bottles so had to go back onto 3 hourly feeds.

Emily is fighting back strongly and almost back to her old self. We are very distressed, waiting to be together again!

June 4

So what are the rules on the emotional side of bringing your baby home? I thought I coped well with the news when the phone call came. I spent about an hour floating around then had a moment in the kitchen while cooking the girls tea - like it suddenly hit me - Emily’s coming home, wow. I’ve always felt like she is mine but only in a half hearted way, I have been so hurt and lost since the day she was born. But now I don’t know the right words , it’s the most incredible feeling in the world, unless you have spent the first precious months of your child’s life in hospital fighting its hard to understand, I can talk until I’m blue in the face but still wouldn’t be able to communicate the true extent of what’s happened or how we feel.