emily’s journey

SBBN Baby Emily
SBBN Baby Emily

Claire Cressey started the Facebook page Emily’s Journey to help tell the story of her miracle baby, and help other mothers of premature


Below are extracts from Claire’s online diary.

May 19

So Monday comes around again. Every Monday is the gestation change day: I would have been 36 weeks pregnant today. Emily will be three months old this week too, it’s a very odd feeling. I will be pleased when 40 weeks strikes and I can stop counting. I don’t mean to keep counting the weeks but can not shake it off. Emily was weighed and is now 5lb, so come her due date she should be a good ‘birth weight’.

May 20

Now we are speeding towards the finishing line of the hospital race I’m thinking back over the past three months: wow, did we really go through all of that? People hear about it, think they have an idea of what happened and how we feel, but the truth of the matter is the long stays in all the different units fearing for our baby has been a very lonely dark road.

Friendships shift towards other premie parents, priorities change, and I now find myself questioning day to day ‘dramas’ to see if its worth my energy. What would have upset me three months ago now doesn’t touch me, seems so petty all of a sudden. I am often asked: “How do you do it?” My answer is: “Do what?” Emily is our daughter, the same as Caitlin, Millie and Brooke. When they have been sick we have nursed them back to health too. Love can get you through anything and that’s the truth of the matter.

If you are lucky enough to have a healthy family please don’t judge others who are not so fortunate, its an easy mistake. Nobody understands the pain and struggle of having a sick child, but more often than not it is us that look on the bright side while everyone else finds misery out of nowhere.

Just washing Emily’s clothes I collected from the hospital and I found one of her ankle tags inside her clothes,wish all the ironing was as easy to do as hers!

May 25

Emily’s doing brilliantly , she managed three bottles in a row yesterday and again through the night. That’s what we need. She wont be allowed home with her feeding tube so we really need her to get the hang of this and quickly so we can all be together.

But the main thing is she’s settled and doing well. Another weigh in tonight, always get excited about her being weighed.

May 26

Emily has been weighed and is now 5lb 4oz. Her weight gain has slowed due to the fact she has been put on prem milk stage 2, with fewer calories than the milk she was previously having, but any weight gain is good. She is still doing great with her bottles. She managed four in a row yesterday which we are delighted about.

She enjoyed another oily bath to keep her skin glowing and right now Emily is tucked up fast asleep happy and content.