emily’s journey

SBBN Baby emily Coldstream BGH
SBBN Baby emily Coldstream BGH

Claire Cressey started the Facebook page Emily’s Journey to help tell the story of her miracle baby,and help other mothers of premature 
Below are extracts from Claire’s online diary.

May 6

I got to feed Emily with a bottle for the very first time this afternoon. It felt wonderful to be doing a ‘normal’ mummy-baby thing for a change, an amazing feeling .

Emily is on three-hourly feeds of 32ml now, not every feed is done orally as it tires her out but she can take a full 32ml from the bottle when she does have it. And there was another fab weight gain - 3lb 11oz, How’s that for being a super premature baby! She really is doing well, as soon as I arrived I fed her then had to put her back in the cot after a short cuddle.

Did I mention I fed Emily for the first time today without a tube. Just wanted to check everyone had seen that, honestly I’m in a daze,

Emily’s almost two and a half months old and I’ve only fed her via tubes, so forgive me for the excitement but it was the most beautiful moment. Most mothers take that for granted, even get fed up with doing it, not me, never. To see her take a bottle was wonderful, I’m so grateful for this time, so precious, when you fight to keep your baby alive for so long you often overlook these simple kind of moments, just like we did her jabs.

Her tubes seemed to vanish and the moment became real, gazing down at my baby watching her feed felt so right and I’m so thankful at the same time. We don’t like to wake her once she’s settled, but we’ve taken the first photos of her asleep in her big girl’s cot.

Well done sweetheart, amazing job.

May 11

Emily has been giving us all a thumbs-up in her sleep to let us know she’s doing fine.

This afternoon we are going to give her her first bath. Now she can maintain her own body temperature the BGH nurses thought it’s about time she was bathed (seeing as she’s two and a half months old, ha!).

I’m very nervous as she’s still so tiny but I’m sure it will be okay with a few sets of hands to help me out.

May 12

Emily’s first bath was a beautiful success.

I think I did well, she’s smelling just like a ‘normal’ baby should and not of oxygen. I found it very difficult to leave her today, we had lots of tears. We’re praying for her to come home sooner rather than later.

This is breaking my heart to walk away.

I need some advice from other preemie parents please.

I’m going to need a pram for when Emily does come home but it has to be a double for my 16 month old too.

No way could Emily go in a ‘normal’ sized buggy with ‘normal’ straps.

She’s far too tiny, it wouldn’t be safe.

Are there special preemie things that I need to start thinking about? Is it the same for a car seat too?