Emergency training at BHA offices

ANYONe who noticed something slightly untoward going on at BHA Homes on Monday need not be alarmed, staff were involved in emergency training.

‘The Berwickshire News’ received reports of people being unable to get into the building and the Newtown Street offices being a hive of activity but explaining all to ‘The Berwickshire News’, BHA Chief Executive Helen Forsyth said there was no need for concern.

She commented: “BHA conducted a ‘major disaster’ scenario exercise on Monday morning, October 1, beginning at 8am to test the plans and response we have in place.

“We are delighted to be able to report that we had re-established basic telephone services (reception and repairs reporting) in a temporary office by midday. The exercise concluded at 2pm.

The scenario we tested was one where our Head Office in Duns had burned down and we could not access any of our computerised systems or gain access to the building to recover any files or equipment.

“The phone systems were destroyed as were all our computer systems in the ‘fire’.

“We learned a lot from the exercise and are now improving our emergency plans to cope even better in the event of real situation.”