Election: Labour says 11% of Borders workforce on zero-hours contracts

Kenryck Lloyd-Jones
Kenryck Lloyd-Jones

Labour candidate Kenryck Lloyd-Jones has emphasised his party’s commitment to end zero-hours contracts for seven thousand people in the Borders, amounting to 11% of the workforce.

With all the political party manifestos now published, the Labour candidate for the Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk constituency says his party is the only one that can be trusted to protect workers and abolish zero hours contracts.

The Labour manifesto commits to abolition by giving workers new rights, and the Labour party in the Borders is challenging the other parties to do the same.

Mr Lloyd-Jones said: “Research produced by the Trade Union Unite reveals that up to 11 per cent of the workforce in the Scottish Borders is underemployed, with as many as seven thousand workers in the Scottish Borders on zero-hours contracts. The government doesn’t even know the exact figure, but the vast majority of people know someone on a zero-hours contract, which can put people’s lives on hold.

“Zero-hours contracts can suit some people, like students and those who have retired. But for many more it can put their lives on hold, as they never know how many hours they will work or what they will earn at the end of the week, making it impossible to budget or plan their lives.

“A Labour government will ensure that after 12 weeks, workers will have the automatic right to receive a fixed-hours contract, with specified hours, if they need regular work. Zero-hour contracts can’t be allowed to replace fair work for fair pay.”

Commenting on the announcements from other parties over the election campaign, Mr Lloyd-Jones added: “It’s a shame that rather than offer similar protection, the other parties choose to attack Labour for standing up on this issue..”