Elderly man loses £20,000


Another week, another elderly Scottish Borders resident was tricked out of thousands of pounds by telephone banking fraudsters.

Local police report that a man claiming to be from the Royal Bank of Scotland fraud section contacted an elderly man by telephone saying that his account had been compromised and suggesting that it was the local branch of the bank that were passing the details. He added that the police were aware and asked him to transfer money into a holding account.

Contact was made again two days later when more money was transferred into holding accounts.

“In total these criminals have convinced the member of our community to transfer over £20,000,” said a Police Scotland spokesperson.

“These criminals are persistent and can be very convincing on the phone.

“A bank or payment card company will never ask you to transfer money out of your account to another that you do not recognise, so hang up immediately.

“If you do think that the call may be authentic, call the bank on the telephone number on your bank statement or other document from your bank and either use another phone from the one you received the call on, wait for at least five minutes before you dial out, or call a friend, whose voice you recognise, before making another call.”