Eyemouth High School Prizegiving

Eyemouth High School pupils gathered to recognise one another’s achievements at their prizegiving ceremony this week.

Head Teacher, Dave Watson, , said: “In our awards ceremony we recognise achievement of different kinds – performance in school subjects and participation in sport and cultural activities certainly but also participation in the life of the school and the community and the hard work and determination that our young people put in to doing their best. I am proud of the achievements of all of our award winners tonight.

“At the same time, I am immensely proud of the efforts and achievements of all of our students that occur on a daily basis throughout the year.”

The school was proud to have Kirsty Swain, a former Eyemouth pupil, as the key note speaker. Having achieved success in her chosen field of screen writing, Kirsty outlined how she has ended up writing for the BBC. Her message was for the pupils to always want to be something. She encouraged everyone to “have a desire, a goal, a quest or a journey to go on and to be their own hero in their own story.”