EDF Energy get set to power Olympics

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The company which operates Torness Nuclear Power Station near Dunbar is on its marks to power the Olympic Games in London this year.

Around 80 per cent of the low carbon electricity sourced to supply the 2012 event will come from EDF Energy’s existing nuclear fleet.

The company will guarantee that for each unit of mains electricity used on the Olympic Park it will provide a unit generated from low carbon nuclear and renewable sources to the national grid.

Paul Winkle, Torness station director, said: “All at Torness should be proud that EDF Energy will be providing London 2012 with a supply package that is backed by electricity from its existing nuclear fleet - stations such as Torness power station - and from renewable sources.

“Hopefully EDF Energy’s role as the official electricity supplier to London 2012 will encourage people to think about where their electricity comes from, and the carbon emissions associated with how it is generated.”