Eddie’s neighbourliness and banter was legendary

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Every community has people who are well-known, popular, neighbourly and reliable. Coldstream had Eddie Park.

He was born a Lancastrian but with plenty Scottish blood (from Burnley ‘ye ken’).

Born in Burnley on March 31, 1942, the sixth child of Arnold and Rhoda Park, Eddie was proud to be an adopted Scot and keen to help most things in our town.

Eddie liked company and when he and Helen ran the popular Commercial Inn, it was ‘heaving’, or some might say ‘heaven’. Eddie could serve three people or more at once; nobody had to wait long for a drink, he was so efficient.

Eddie had helpful and common-sense input to a lot of things in Coldstream - Flodden 1513 Club, snooker, golf trips, Civic Week, football club, British Legion etc - and there was always an essential tinge of humour in his discussion.

Eddie could be forthright but it was always with useful banter.

Most latterly, he loved the Flodden 1513 Club and looked after the club’s banners, saltires and flagpole at the Tweed Green. His wife Helen agreed that he would have wanted the flag to fly at half-mast after his passing and the flag behaved magnificently, even in high winds.

The club, and other things in Coldstream, has huge shoes to fill and Monday’s burial and celebration of his life was a true testament to Eddie.

RIP, good and faithful friend.