Duns trees, litter and parking issues

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A map of Duns Square shows where new trees will be planted, the only one not to be replaced is the tree outside No 18.

However, community councillors disagreed that this space could be used for other purposes, pointing out that it is the only tree to the north of the Square. Councillor Frances Renton will ask for a replacement for that tree as well.

The sycamore tree in Murray Crescent, due to be felled, has still not been dealt with and Councillor Renton agreed to follow it up.

Other community council issues discussed included litter.

In spite of a recent litter pick up on the road to Manderston, more bottles and litter have appeared.

The boardwalk has still lots of litter and bags of dog excrement. The litter will be cleared and the boards painted with an anti-slip paint and the community council has stressed that this path is definitely for pedestrians only and signs have been erected prohibiting horses.

Police are clamping down on illegal parking in Duns, particularly in the Market Square: including the double yellow lines at the Bank of Scotland ATM and the single yellow line in the Market Square.

It was also reported to Duns community councillors that the police have spoken to bus drivers about parking in this area of the town.