Duns town centre parking complaints

Market Square, Duns
Market Square, Duns

The lack of traffic wardens in the Borders is being felt in Duns, particualarly in the Market Square.

Police officers don’t have the time to focus on whether motorists are abiding by the time restrictions on parking in Duns Square, and complaints have been made about some of the shop keepers parking there all day in spaces that have a two hour limit.

Councillor Frances Renton raised the issue at the Berwickshire Area Forum meeting. She said: “I have had a large amount of complaints about the Square in Duns.

“There is a two hour waiting limit in the upper part of the Square and it would appear that a number of shopkeepers are parking their vehicles there all day restricting the number of vehicles that are able to park there.”

Inspector Keith Dougal acknowledged that there was an issue and added: “There used to be something we could do when there were still traffic wardens.

“We have to note all car details and if there are 20-30 vehicles parked, which can take up to 40 minutes and then return two hours later.

“We did issue six tickets in one day, which hopefully got the message across to some but I can’t see officers having the time to do timings on vehicles.

“If people thought we were spending 30-40 minutes taking details and going back two hours later they would probably say it wasn’t a good use of police time.”

Despite Police Scotland officers not having time to monitor restricting parking spaces on a regular basis they will do it when required and continue to police dangerous or obstructive parking and enforce the blue badge scheme.