Duns swimming ace didn’t mind his medal setting off airport alarms

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It happens to all of us on our holidays at one time or another - we get called back through the metal detectors at the airport, keeping the queue behind us waiting while the alarms sound.

But it didn’t bother Duns Olympian Dan Wallace as he enjoyed Team GB’s victorious flight home from the Rio Games.

Wallace, who won silver in the 4x200 freestyle relay in Brazil, took to Twitter to ‘complain’: “Hate it when your Olympic medal sets off the security scanner...oops”.

Team GB were flown home in a plane with a specially painted gold nose to mark their most successful ever Olympics.

And the Duns swimmer, who trains in the USA, became something of a social media personality in Rio.

Wallace became one of the latest sportspeople to ‘dab’ (a dance move popularised by American Football stars) in celebration as he cheered on his teammates in the pool. He also made a memorable appearance on TV ahead of a race, pretending to pray to 28 time medal winner Michael Phelps.