Duns RBL appeals for members

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SIR, - I am very pleased to announce that the people of Duns raised the splendid sum of £3822 for this year’s Poppy appeal, and I would like to thank all those who responded so generously.

In these difficult times, it is heart-warming to see that the well-being of our injured troops can be given a helping hand.

My special thanks go to the ATC and ACF cadets who did such a great job with the ‘tin-rattling’ - well done!

On another matter, the Duns Branch and Club held their annual general meeting on Thursday, December 1, at which officials were elected, (or re-elected in most cases!).

I was elected as the branch chairman for the coming year, and I will do my utmost to ensure that the Duns sranch plays its part towards fulfilling the charitable status of the RBLS.

William Burnett has undertaken the chairmanship of the club, and this part of the organisation will do its best to provide entertainment and a warm and friendly atmosphere for members.

BUT - to continue to do this, the club needs members. Come and join - or rejoin - without the support of the members, the club cannot survive, and the loss to the town would be irredeemable.

It it is no longer a requirement that you should have been in the Armed Forces to become a member of the British Legion!!


Lieutenant Commander RN,

Duns Branch Chairman.