Duns pupils dismayed over vandalism to bird feeding station

Duns Primary pupils with vandalised equipment
Duns Primary pupils with vandalised equipment
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Duns Primary School pupils, pictured above, were looking glum after the upsetting discovery that their bird feeding station and plastic bird feeders, which they’d filled and put out at the school, had been vandalised.

The P5 and P6 classes had been working all term to make the school a more bird friendly place.

They have been learning about what birds eat, and how they could attract different species of birds to the school grounds.

The PTA, now called Friends of Duns Primary, donated money to purchase feeders and a feeding station.

These were duly filled with seed and put out in the school grounds on Friday, June 21.

However, when staff and pupils returned to school the following Monday they discovered that the feeding station was bent and broken, and the plastic feeders had been smashed.

The children were very upset and disappointed by this act of vandalism.