Duns Pipe Band a step closer to unique tartan

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If all goes to plan Duns Pipe Band will be wearing a new tartan of the town’s colours in time for Reiver’s Week next year.

A new custom-made tartan doesn’t come cheap but their mission to be donning the unique uniform has received a massive boost from Sarah-Jane Peters and Janice Wait of the Plough in Duns who have raised £1368.

They raised the money by holding a Race Night in June which raised over £900 with the remainder being donated from the proceeds of their ‘Bonus Ball’ competition.

The band has been fundraising since January and has held a quiz night, a coffee morning and have received a very generous donation from the Rattlin’ Crew on top of the donation from The Plough.

“The Plough’s efforts mean we can get the first bale woven and the first kilt made in the next three to four weeks.

“It’s amazing the support we’ve had and although we’ve still got a bit to go, we’re well ahead of schedule at this point” commented Pipe Major Andrew Ainslie, who was recently bestowed with the title of Duns Citizen of the Year for 2014 at the Reiver’s Week closing ceremony.

“We can’t thank the local businesses, organisations and the community enough.”

The band made the decision to go for a new ‘Duns’ tartan last year as the last of their current bale of Seaforth MacKenzie tartan ran out.

Andrew explained: “The reason we wear the Seaforth MacKenzie tartan now is that Pipe Major Tom Ainslie who led the band during the second world war, was needing to kit the band out.

“Tom had served in the KOSB and was wanting Leslie tartan kilts.

“He visited an army surplus store, couldn’t find the Leslie kilts he was after so bought a job lot of Seaforth MacKenzie kilts which were similar colours and more affordable at the time.

“There’s nothing more to it than that.”

The new tartan has been designed by Lochcarron of Scotland in Selkirk and the band will register it with the Scottish Register of Tartans.

It is based on the colours of the Duns Town Standard which includes red, black, green, yellow and white.

The total cost of the project is around £6000 and this includes two bales of the new tartan and the cost of making up the initial 20 or so kilts which the band hope to proudly wear for the first time during Reiver’s Week 2015.

The band’s next fundraiser is a Texas Scramble competition at Duns Golf Club on Saturday, August 23.