Duns Park is ‘disgraceful’

Duns Park during recent flooding.
Duns Park during recent flooding.

Concern has been expressed over the current state of Duns Public Park.

At a recent meeting of Duns Community Council a member of the public complained that the park was in a “disgraceful state”.

Mr B. Cook attended the meeting and said the weeds were higher than the bushes and the manhole cover at the bottom of Blinkbonny had been broken for several years and was allowing the escape of noxious smells.

A. Cummins said that she had received a complaint from a member of the public about fresh sewage appearing daily, at the bottom of the path from Earlsmeadow to the park.

Councillor Frances Renton said she would raise these matters again with Scottish Water and ask that the area manager Bill Elliot visit to see for himself.

Councillor Donald Moffat said he would make an enquiry at Scottish Borders Council into whether a maintenance plan is available.

Councillor Moffat also suggested that it would be beneficial if the SBC horticulturalist could visit to view the park and decide if improvements were needed.

The meeting also agreed that here is an unacceptable amount of litter around the children’s play area in the park.

John Elliot stated that the park railings were in desperate need of attention and are rusting through. He said they required proper treatment and not just a coat of paint.

Drainage work has recently been carried out in the park following flooding during periods of heavy rain.