Duns Park feels after effects of drainage work

Recent drainage work undertaken by Scottish Borders Council (SBC)in Duns Park has the community lamenting a fresh eyesore.

The effects of the work, with deep machine tracks left on the grassy area, were particularly noticed on Sunday November 9, during the wreath laying ceremony at the park’s War Memorial.

Duns Community Council noted that “one could not help by be aware of the devastation of the surrounding area.”

“Really, the idea that somebody signed off on that at this time of the year, is absurd,” said community councillor Stuart Renton, adding that the wet and muddy conditions made crossing the park nearly impossible for the elderly.

He went on to suggest that existing drains would have been damaged during the work, due mainly to the compaction of soil by heavy machinery.

Two months ago, Darren Silcock of Scottish Borders Council had informed Duns Community Council that work to drain the western end of the park would be completed before Christmas, and prior to the erection of new playground equipment.

This work took place during the last week, during torrential rain, which resulted in a quagmire on the grassed area, damage to existing drains and gates as well as damage to newly laid tarmac.

The Community Council and residents are dumbfounded that work was cleared to go ahead in such conditions.

Duns Public Park has suffered drainage problems for many years but an extensive and costly exercise was undertaken in the spring to partially drain the park.

New tarmac was laid on the paths and the park was beginning to recover. The recent work has left even those tarmac areas difficult to navigate.

The Community Council is hoping for a full enquiry and that the work is corrected without further cost to Council Tax payers.

It is also hoped that new play equipment can be installed in March as planned.