Duns Opera are getting into good habits

SBBN-02-04-15 Duns Sister Act
SBBN-02-04-15 Duns Sister Act

Duns and District Amateur Operatic Society are heading to the chapel for their next eagerly awaited performances.

The society are taking on the feel-good Sister Act story, made famous on movie screens in the early nineties by the fast talking, anarchic Whoopi Goldberg.

Sister Act is the story of nightclub singer Deloris Van Cartier (who is set to be played by Lynn Gray). She’s talented, ambitious and also just happens to be the girlfriend of a (married) Philadelphia gangster.

After being messed around by her lawless paramour one too many times, Deloris goes to confront him, only for her to stumble upon a murder scene.

Deloris runs to the police who place her in a convent for her own protection.

However the convent has troubles of its own.

It’s running out of money, running out of worshippers and running out of time.

Despite the police pleas to her to lay low, Deloris finds that she just cannot stop the music and she livens up the cloistered world of the convent like a sequined hand grenade.

She takes on the responsibility for the convents’ staid and traditional choir.

Through force of personality she manages to transform them from a tuneless, lack-lustre chorus into a boogying, sparkling group, belting out wonderfully contagious disco-style, Motown powered numbers.

A new congregation comes in, the donation plate starts to fill up, and the nuns become such a sensation that even the Pope wants to see them!

Deloris has put them on the map, and on every TV screen in America – and of course, right in the cross-hairs of Philly’s most dangerous hitmen.

Starring Lynn Gray as Deloris, Angela Watney as the Mother Superior and Dougal Affleck as Curtis, Sister Act is being performed at the Volunteer Hall in Duns at 7.30pm from April 8 through to April the 11th .

Make sure that you don’t miss out on this joyous show!

Tickets are available as per usual from Nairns, the post office in Duns, located in the main square.