Duns First Responders appeal for volunteers

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In communities such as our own, with long distances between homes and large rural areas, Community First Responders provide an invaluable service to their communities.

Community First Responders are volunteers who are dispatched to certain emergency calls by the Scottish Ambulance Service when a patient calls 999.

For every minute that passes from the beginning of a cardiac arrest, the chances of survival drop by 10% - Community First Responders trained in CPR and the use of a defibrillator can be a vital asset.

You may have seen the posters around Duns and Greenlaw – our local Community First Responder groups in Duns, Greenlaw and Eyemouth need volunteers now.

Could you spare a bit of time for training, and then be prepared to be on call as part of a rota? You might 
be able to help save the life of a friend, relative or neighbour.

Duns Community First Responders formed in 2010 and currently have seven active members – they meet for training once a month and cover an area of about three miles radius from Duns, to Cranshaws and Longformacus.

Responders only go on duty as and when they are able to via an agreed rota, but since all members are volunteers the rota is very flexible.

The majority of Responders work, so the most common time ‘on duty’ is outwith normal office hours.

At present, the Duns CFR Group are on duty 60% of the time and they would like to get that to 100% as soon as they can.

Community First Responders on duty are alerted by the Scottish Ambulance Service only after an ambulance has been dispatched, and only for certain types of emergencies – usually breathing difficulties, chest pains, or to an unconscious patient.

Duns First Responders are a registered charity and funding is almost entirely through donations, collections and fund raising by members.

Do you think you might be able to help? If so, email the Duns First Responders at Alternatively, you can call Morag Duncan on 07811836109 or Iain Lothian on 01361 883327.

You could help save a life!