Duns firm shows how to survive recession

SCOTLAND is now officially in a double-dip recession, the construction industry particularly badly hit, but a Duns based firm seems to be bucking the trend.

The order books of Fleming Homes, who provide bespoke timber framed homes, are healthy and over the past month they have shipped out nine kit homes.

Last week it was announced that Scotland had followed the rest of the UK into a double-dip recession, and statistics show that the struggling construction and manufacturing industries are hamperingthe country’s economic recovery. So how is this family-owned businessback in good financial health, when so many others are teetering on the brink?

The answer is that when the recession started they were hit as hard as many others but have fought their way out of it.

“Before the recession we were sending out 90 homes per year which is quite considerable for the size of business. But we went right down to 36 when the recession hit in 2007-8,” said director Hayden Martin.

“It was a question of survival. It all comes down to our motivation being that what we do we do well. We’re not doing anything too radical.”

Hayden admitted that the recession made Fleming Homes take a long hard look at themselves to see how they could operate more efficiently and having done that they then looked beyond their previous market and headed south to challenge the kit home market in England.

Being a relatively small company in the construction industry they only needed a fairly small percentage of the market for business to improve and their reputation for quality and service has helped them achieve this.

“The Scottish self build industry is so much more progressed which means its easier to impress potential clients down south,”added Hayden.

“In the house building sector we are dealing with the self builder and this is such a massive investment for someone that being recommended is important for us.

“We are finding more competition and through being more efficient as a company we have been able to maintain our price standards.

“We rely on offering a personal service and attention to the smallest detail. What we did was enough to reverse the downward trend.”