Duns firm puts grouse on national store’s shelves

Tom Kitchin column for Spectrum 'Grouse and root vegetables
Tom Kitchin column for Spectrum 'Grouse and root vegetables

Frozen supermarket giant Iceland has moved in early this year, offering frozen grouse for sale before the season had begun.

The chain announced it has secured a limited supply of whole grouse form Kezie Foods, based near Duns, and was selling the tasty game bird at £8.99 for a pack of two.

The supermarket secured a limited supply of whole grouse; last year fresh birds in Harrods cost £14.50 each.

The birds have been sourced from moors in northern England and Scotland, are described as “rich in heather” and were audited to ensure they adhered to the code of good shooting practice.

An Iceland spokesperson said: “Those lucky enough to get their hands on the frozen birds just need to prepare some perfect trimmings to serve up a glorious feast.”

Chef Andrew Owen suggested frying grouse rather than roasting: “Heat butter and a little oil over a high heat and add the grouse to the pan breast side down, fry for two minutes, basting continually until browned.

“Leave it to rest, breast side down, before serving,” he added.

Land agent Will Robinson left a message of thanks on Kezie Food’s Facebook page, sating: “Stocking red grouse, you are supporting fragile rural communities and providing your customers with a great opportunity to try something different.