Duns Community Council round-up

○A number of Duns residents would like to see the boardwalk between the public park and the high school restricted to pedestrians only, and barriers put up to prevent horses being ridden along the path.

Councillor Francis Renton told community councillors that she has asked SBC to change the signage indicating it was pedestrian only, but council officials were reluctant and want it to remain accessible to all.

○A traffic problem caused by traffic parking on both sides of the road at Langtongate during the monthly Wednesday Market in the Volunteer Hall was discussed by community councillors. It was agreed that the police should be alerted and a request made for one side of the street ‘coned off’ to improve road safety.

○A proposal has been made to co-opt the Duns Christmas lights team as a sub-committee of community council.

○Councillors heard that interest so far from local people to get involved with a Duns Resilient Community plan has been disappointing.

○The community council has re-stated its intention to try to provide more marshals for the Duns stages of the Jim Clark Rally.

○Community councillor Ann Affleck has been appointed to the board of the Blackhill Community Windfarm Fund.